Joint source–channel coding: Secured and progressive transmission of compressed medical images on the Internet

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【作者】 Marie Babel  Benoî  t Parrein  Olivier Dé  forges  Nicolas Norm    Jean-Pierre Gué  don    ronique Coat 

【关键词】Medical image compression  LAR method  Mojette transform  Scalability  Priority encoding system 


【摘要】The joint source–channel coding system proposed in this paper has two aims: lossless compression with a progressive mode and the integrity of medical data, which takes into account the priorities of the image and the properties of a network with no guaranteed quality of service. In this context, the use of scalable coding, locally adapted resolution (LAR) and a discrete and exact Radon transform, known as the Mojette transform, meets this twofold requirement. In this paper, details of this joint coding implementation are provided as well as a performance evaluation with respect to the reference CALIC coding and to unequal error protection using Reed–Solomon codes.

【刊名】Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics