Learning Schemata for Natural Language Processing

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【作者】 Raymond J. Mooney  Gerald DeJong 

【关键词】 Narrative  Schemata  Language Processing  Schema  Conceptual 

【摘要】This paper describes a natural language system which improves its own performance through learning. The system processes short English narratives and is able to acquire; f rom a single narrative; a new schema for a stereotypical set of actions. During the understanding process; the system attempts to construct explanations for characters' actions in terms of the goals their actions were meant to achieve. When the system observes that a character has achieved an interesting goal in a novel way; it generalizes the set of actions they used to achieve this goal into a new schema. The generalization process is a knowledge-based analysis of the causal structure of the narrative which removes unnecessary details whi le maintaining the val id i ty of the causal explanation. The resulting generalized set of actions is then stored as a new schema and used by the system to correctly process narratives which were previously beyond its capabilities.