Modular chassis tuning system

作者:Dunn; Jerry R. 刊名: 上传者:宋广元

【摘要】An apparatus for tuning the weight distribution in a vehicle, typically a high performance automobile, is provided. The apparatus includes a weight tray having an internal passage, a screw element, typically a threaded bolt, that extends into an end of the internal passage, a retainer at the same end of the passage, defining a hole through which the screw is rotatably retained, a primary weight is disposed within the passage and having a bore into which the screw extends and a nut or a threaded portion (i.e., a tapped portion) disposed within the bore that operatively engages the threads of the screw. Additional weights may be attached to the primary weight to increase the weight in the weight tray. The primary and additional weights may further include interlocking portions that are suitably configured to interlock with a corresponding interlocking portion on another weight. One or more of the weights may be assembled from two weight segments to facilitate assembly of the apparatus with minimal tools. The segments may be of different mass and/or density. A method for distributing weight in a vehicle also is provided that includes the use of the described apparatus.