Louhi 2010: Special issue on Text and Data Mining of Health Documents

作者:Hercules Dalianis; Martin Hassel; Sumithra Velupillai 刊名: 上传者:段江艳


INTRODUCTION Open Access Louhi 2010: Special issue on Text and Data Mining of Health Documents Hercules Dalianis*, Martin Hassel, Sumithra Velupillai From Second Louhi Workshop on Text and Data Mining of Health Documents Los Angeles, CA, USA. * Correspondence: hercules@dsv.su. se Department of Computer and System Sciences, (DSV) Stockholm University Forum 100, 164 40 Kista, Sweden Abstract The papers presented in this supplement focus and reflect on computer use in every-day clinical work in hospitals and clinics such as electronic health record systems, pre-processing for computer aided summaries, clinical coding, computer decision systems, as well as related ethical concerns and security. Much of this work concerns itself by necessity with incorporation and development of language processing tools and methods, and as such this supplement aims at providing an arena for reporting on development in a diversity of languages. In the supplement we can read about some of the challenges identified above. Introduction An increasing production of clinical textual data from electronic health record systems has pushed on the development of new methods and approaches for text and data mining. Since the nature of clinical data is complex and relate to many sources of human knowl-edge it is a challenging task that requires several approaches. Clinical text is noisy with numerous spelling errors and non-standard abbreviations, as well as incomplete sentences [1]. In parallel, people workin