Fingermark detection based on the in situ growth of luminescent nanoparticles—Towards a new generation of multimetal deposition

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【作者】 Andy Becue  Aurè  le Scoundrianos  Christophe Champod  Pierre Margot 

【关键词】Fingermark detection  Non-porous surfaces  Multimetal deposition  Luminescence  Metal nanoparticles  Gold  Zinc oxide 


【摘要】The in situ deposition of zinc oxide on gold nanoparticles in aqueous solution has been here successfully applied in the field of fingermark detection on various non-porous surfaces. In this article, we present the improvement of the multimetal deposition, an existing technique limited up to now to non-luminescent results, by obtaining luminescent fingermarks with very good contrast and details. This is seen as a major improvement in the field in terms of selectivity and sensitivity of detection, especially on black surfaces.

【刊名】Forensic Science International