Massively Open Online Courses, Current State and Perspectives (Dagstuhl Perspectives Workshop 14112)

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【作者】 Pierre Dillenbourg  Claude Kirchner  John C. Mitchell  Martin Wirsing 

【摘要】The Perspectives Workshop on “Massively Open Online Courses, Current State and Perspectives” took place at Schloss Dagstuhl on March 10–13, 2014. Twenty-three leading researchers and practitioners from informatics and pedagogical sciences presented and discussed current experiences and future directions, challenges, and visions for the influence of MOOCs on university teaching and learning. The first day of the workshop consisted of a series of presentations in which each participant presented those topics and developments he or she considered most relevant for the future development of MOOCs. The abstracts of these talks are given in the first part of this report. On the second and third day the participants divided into several working groups according to the main thematic areas that had been identified on the first day. This gives rise to a Manifesto to be published in the Dagstuhl Manifesto series and to identifying main research questions rised by the emergence of MOOCs: they are summarized in the second part of this report. Perspectives Workshop March 10–13, 2014 – 1998 ACM Subject Classification K.3 Computers and Education

【刊名】Dagstuhl Reports